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The TaoG Advantage


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DSA to Full Stack

  • Learning Journey - I

    Launch your coding journey with our comprehensive curriculum, mastering the fundamentals of Python programming, conquering Data Structures & Algorithms (DSA), and acing your coding interviews.

    120 Hours 12 Weeks 3 Modules
  • Learning Journey - II

    Imagine mastering in-demand tech skills while working on real-world projects that showcase your talent to potential employers. This is the power of our Tech-Stack Development and Training program!

    By building tangible projects, you'll solidify your understanding, learn to troubleshoot problems, and hone your problem-solving skills.

    120 Hours 12 Weeks 3 Modules
  • Be Job Ready

    Industry experts will analyze and transform your resume, highlighting achievements, optimizing keywords, and tailoring it to your dream role. Say goodbye to generic templates and hello to a spotlight-stealing application! Participate in simulated interviews led by seasoned career coaches. They'll provide personalized feedback on your communication, presentation, and technical skills, equipping you to answer any question with confidence.

  • Internship Guaranteed

    Secure a 3 Months Internship, Guaranteed ! Work on Live Projects, gain confidence and expertise.

    Post your internship our Placement assistance program will help you land your dream job.

    240 Hours atleast 12 Weeks 1 Certificate
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